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Rich in active ingredients, anti-aging cream with moisturizing and brightening properties.

A unique combination of ingredients such as ceramides, trehalose and niacinamide ensure a younger, radiant appearance of the skin.

The multi-tasking antioxidant niacinamide, known for its brightening properties, also soothes irritation, while ceramides provide long-term water retention, essential fatty acids contained in raspberry seed oil increase the lipid content of the skin, improving the skin's protective barrier function. The disaccharide trehalose protects the skin against the effects of drying.

3D "Hydraconcept" technology, a molecular combination of glucose derivatives, improves the fluid balance in the skin (optimizing water circulation in all layers of the skin and preventing water loss)

Carnosine - a multifunctional biomimetic peptide with anti-aging properties. Stops oxidative damage by acting as an antioxidant and stimulates collagen synthesis. Protects against damage caused by radiation (IR, UV and blue light).

Teflose ® - a polysaccharide rich in rhamnose known for its soothing properties. It creates a protective shield on the surface of the skin, limiting the adhesion of bacteria that can disturb the balance of the skin microbiome.

Ceramides - increase cell cohesion between corneocytes in the epidermis and ensure long-term water retention.

Raspberry seed oil - essential fatty acids increase the lipid content of the skin, improving the function of the skin's protective barrier.

Aquaxyl - 3D "Hydraconcept" technology, a molecular combination of glucose derivatives. It improves the fluid balance in the skin by optimizing water circulation in all layers of the skin and preventing its loss.

Trehalose - a disaccharide that protects the skin from the effects of drying.

Niacinamide - a multi-tasking antioxidant known for its properties that brighten discolorations, soothe irritations and regulate the secretion of sebum.

Green tea leaf extract - a very strong antioxidant, has a rejuvenating effect, is characterized by high anti-inflammatory, regenerative and soothing properties, strengthens blood vessels and improves microcirculation, thus improving skin tone.

Vitamin E - a strong antioxidant, by stimulating the work of skin cells, protects against premature aging. It has excellent regenerative and firming properties.


Face tonic with soothing and moisturizing properties. An innovative formula based on Damask rose hydrolate and gluconic acid lactone, which contribute to an increase in the level of hydration, and rose petal extracts have a refreshing effect, thanks to which the skin gains a healthy and radiant appearance. The tonic soothes irritations and restores the natural pH.

Damascus rose flower hydrosol - intensively moisturizes and soothes the skin. Prevents the formation of wrinkles, firms the skin, giving it a younger look. Recommended for dry, mature, tired, problematic and sensitive skin.

Gluconolactone - neutralizes free radicals, supports the synthesis of collagen and elastin, as a result, slows down the aging process of the skin. It has a moisturizing and regenerating effect, accelerates the healing process of the skin. Improves the structure of the skin and evens out its color.

Grapefruit extract - has antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and smoothing properties. It cleanses and brightens the skin, helps to eliminate discolorations and blackheads. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, supports the fight against acne, regulates the work of sebaceous glands, helps to mattify the skin and narrow pores.

Rosehip oil - seals the intercellular cement, limiting transepidermal water loss (TEWL) - creates a patch, which has a secondary moisturizing effect. At the same time, it has anti-wrinkle, brightening and stimulating regeneration of connective and epithelial tissue.

French rose flower extract - reduces the visibility of skin pores, has an astringent effect. It also has a toning effect

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